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Superyacht Guide

The MarineDex Superyacht Guide combines articles designed to help all with a better understanding of the superyacht industry. The system aims to create an information portal for members covering all aspects of the marine and superyacht industry. This includes

•    Superyacht Jobs
•    Getting a job on a superyacht
•    Superyacht Courses
•    Marine Dictionary
•    Online Marketing

what is the yachting industry?

The yachting industry is the private sector of the marine industry and includes what is commonly referred to as the superyacht industry. Yachts in the industry include both sail and motor and sizes vary from 15 - 150m in length and can cost from half million to hundreds of millions of pounds. Most yachts are custom made for the owner and incorporate his or her tastes and personality. The utmost care and thought is taken in all builds and attention to detail, quality of materials and skills of craftsman are what truly define this sector. Generally speaking most of these yachts are privately owned by wealthy indivuals or set up and owned by companies and chartered weekly around the world. Crew sizes can vary from 1-60 people and include captains, engineers, deck officers, interior and exterior crew but also chefs massage theorists, hairdressers, helicopter pilots and more.  Yachts try and cater for all the needs of the owners or gusts while on board without cost as an important factor as final product and or service.

Popular cursing areas for these are the Mediterranean, Caribbean and North America with new expanding areas including Asia and Australia. With popular superyacht ports and destinations in the Med. include Antibes, St. Tropez, Palma, Porto Cervo, Monaco with other famous locations in other areas of the world including Saint Martin, Fort Lauderdale, St. Bart’s, Antigua, Sydney, Carnes to name a few. With running cost varying from 15-25% of the value of the yacht a year or 10s-100,000s of thousands a week to charter plus expenses, this is truly the way the wealthily travel and enjoy their free time.

Other areas of the marine industry include the racing sailing yachts. Regattas are held around the world in some of the best venues the world, for yachts from 20-180ft long. Regattas like formula 1 racing attract the finest sailors and yacht from around the world. Over all yachting in the superyacht industry be it racing on a high performance superyacht or cruising on a 50m motor yacht is a life style for a select few. However seeing the world from the water on any watercraft changes one’s mind completely on what a city or country is truly like and is something all should get a chance to experience and understand.

If you have any questions you would like answer please feel free to contact us where we would be happy to assist you in finding the answers.

Safe Sailing from the MarineDex team.