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The Efficient Deckhand Course

I was one of the first to give Captain Roger Towner grief at the introduction of the efficient deckhand course into the officer of the watch OOW required courses. I even offered to come and teach the course especially with all the years of yachting and sailing experience that I’ve already accumulated. I think that it is the name of the course that has everyone in the industry back...

Posted on: 16:29 | 28 Dec 2013

Odeo Lazer Flare

So while visiting METS in 2012 I was fortunate enough to meet with the team behind the Odeo or Omni-directional-electro-optical Flare one of 2012’s Dame Award winners. I was really interested in this product since I know from my own experience on yachts the issues with replacing and disposing of standard flares. However after speaking to the team there we are couple of advantages...

Posted on: 20:58 | 10 Jan 2013

Bottled water on yachts

So I know taking about waste on a superyacht is the silliest topic to even attempt to address since anyone that has work in or around yacht will know better. Yachts are nothing but energy sucking monsters that a build from nothing but the best material, where substandard materials are just thrown away or used for fire wood. What I would like to address is the waste of time, energy and money...

Posted on: 23:03 | 03 Jan 2013

Happy New Year to Everyone

So it is now 2013 and we are now not only reflecting on 2012 but planning for 2013. 2012 was a difficult year for everyone hit hard by the confidence within the industry. Here at MarineDex we believe 2013 is going to be a better year for the industry not a huge bounce back to the superyacht hay days but a slow crawl out of the dark. We are planning how to shape MarineDex it a more useful tool...

Posted on: 21:49 | 02 Jan 2013

How do you put a price on safety?

Most quickly throw out even the thought of the question and say; you can’t. We all normally look to find those safety ticks, stamps and reviews that prove the product has been properly tested and recommended. When we go shopping for a car we are quickly told about the airbags, breaking systems and safety extra’s that have been thrown into to entice people to purchase the car. The...

Posted on: 13:13 | 31 Dec 2012

Courses Vs Experience

I’ll try and generalise my comments to suit those in a deck back ground since it is something that I can relate to. Most enter into the marine and superyacht industry the basic training certificates such as Basic Sea Training Certificate or more commonly known as the STCW A RYA powerboat level II A VHF short range radio licence Sometimes candidates or dockwalkers...

Posted on: 22:36 | 12 Dec 2012

The METS Young Professiona Group 2012

This year I attended the METS young professionals group once again which started in 2011.The group was started in the hope of bringing together the industry leaders of tomorrow together now so that we can understand the challengers of tomorrow. The first year of the young professional group we heard from three manufactures all awarded during the Dame presentation that were keen to show off...

Posted on: 14:33 | 08 Dec 2012

METS 2012 Overview

The METS trade show this year kicked with the breakfast briefing and the announcement of the 2012 Dame Award winners. This year special guest speech was the CEO of Bavaria whose company also owns Duffor and Grand Sole. His speech talked about how his company and how they have position themselves across the entire market. His company provide distinctive products for all budgets under three...

Posted on: 17:10 | 01 Dec 2012

The Sausage Lady in Antibes

So growing up in Australia with family from Wales I was constantly eating good quality sausages especially for breakfast on Sunday. I’ve been working on yachts for the past 10years up and down the coast of France and Italy and are one of the few things I really do find hard to find. English sausages are soft moist and have great flavours to them while sausages in the Med usual are full...

Posted on: 15:18 | 01 Dec 2012

Electric and Hybrid Engines

Over the past few years hybrid and electric engines have been about talked over and over again how they are the future in a number industries. Like all industries the biggest issue is not how effective the drive engine is but the storage of the power. In recent years battery technology has been improving leaps and bounds however they are expensive, heavy and the charging process takes hours...

Posted on: 10:31 | 01 Dec 2012

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