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Bottled water on yachts

So I know taking about waste on a superyacht is the silliest topic to even attempt to address since anyone that has work in or around yacht will know better. Yachts are nothing but energy sucking monsters that a build from nothing but the best material, where substandard materials are just thrown away or used for fire wood. What I would like to address is the waste of time, energy and money that crew and owners fail to address correctly.

Most of us have heard the expression time is money so why do yachts think that because two crew rush off to Metro for half a day to buy food at wholesale prices they are saving the owners money? If you have to think that Metro is usually about an hour from most ports not including traffic. The fuel the tolls, car hire and the time of two crew members who are most likely taking only boat credit card are saving money you have to be crazy. Unless you are shopping and planning to spend almost 10,000 dollars or euros in Metro then you are better off either; one calling a provisioning company that will usually have already organised great prices and deliver to yacht, or go to Carrfour or one of the large supermarkets in the area. Most shopping centres deliver so you don’t even have to bother to push the trolley around you just hand them the list. I know ISA in Sardinia actually come and picks up the Chef or Chief Stewardess takes them to the supermarket. One of the young shop assistance walks around with you and when you are finished they drop you back with the van full.

The biggest waste of time and money which has been bothering me since I started working on larger yachts is bottled water for crew. Now I grew up in Australia where most of the water that comes out of the tap comes from ground supplies. Water in Australia is full of minerals and things that can unbalance most. It even put my girlfriend in hospital at 3 in the morning with a bad bladder infection. Thinking about water on board is regularly collect from areas around the world which may or may not be the most hygienic. The water is then stored in tanks and we know that they are rarely cleaned, bleached or bombed. Water also created using the on board water maker which passes sea water through a number of filtration systems to create drinkable water however still ends up in the tank. That’s fine for showering or washing the boat down but what about for drinking? Most boats supply crew with bottle water usual the cheaper mark then the ones that they purchase for guest such as Evian. Drinking cheaper brands of bottled water is fine in my book I do it at home but think of all the waste. You only have a look at the image of the daily water bottle collect from 8 crew which appears twice a day. Now Lets do some maths, I’m currently working on a 60m motor yacht with 8 full time crew. We are working through 10-15 bottle of water a day, that’s 3-400 bottles a month, at 30c a bottle. During the summer we will be 12-14crew drink at a guess 25-30bottles a day. On these numbers I estimate that we will drink 7000bottles of water this year at an estimated 2,100euros to the owner. Now on top of that actually cost you need to try and guess the cost of; crew going shopping for the water, the loading of it on board, tender runs back and forward to pick it up and the time spent every day moving it to the fridge. Also try and think about how bags of rubbish 7000 bottle equals and how much time is taken from all department on board just trying to deal with bottle water.

So what can we do about it? Well after a bit of research … one email .I got a quote from Octomarine for a water filtration system that fits under the sink that cleans, chills, and even carbonates the if you like for less then 2000euros. Think about it for less than what the yacht was planning to spend in bottle water this year we can buy one of the most expensive filters on the market and have cold, clean sparking water from the tap in the crew mess without the hassle and the time wasted dealing with it transport, storage and disposal. For those of you are plagued by the same issues on board that chew up time that would be better used doing other things on board then the system that we have in mind is the Refresh U 270 under sink cold sparkling dispenser which claims to be the smallest under sink chillier on the market. Now I’ve got the quote the support of the captain and the rest of the crew the next step is to get the owner to see the light without him skimping on chilling unit and buying us a 200euro filter that you screw on the end of the tap. Figures crossed my idea to save time and money will be a winner that all crew long after I move on from this yacht will be thanking me for without it back firing which I’ve seen happen before.

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