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About Us

MarineDex is a FREE online marine directory and guide to the superyacht industry. The website was launched in 2010; by crew and members of the industry, to provide a source of reference of all aspects of the marine industry. The MarineDex support team have been a part of the marine industry for more than 30 years and wished to share that knowledge with all in the industry. We have brought together a number of power online tools for visitors and member to use including an online directory and superyacht guide. The contacts in our marine directory and information in our superyacht guide is gathered from first-hand experience on board yachts or during boat and trade shows from around the world. We hope our experience will bring visitors closer to the events we attend and a greater understanding of the marine industry.

Prior to the construction of the website we consulted with crew and businesses to find out what services they required from an online marine directory. Businesses needed a cost effective system that would provide them access to new customers and a profitable return on their marketing investment. Crew and industry members were quick to point out the services that were not available currently in online directories such as, Google maps, photo or logo uploads, opening and closing hours, languages spoken and services provided. We have complied all this information and set about to provide a solution and the solution is MarineDex.

The Superyacht guide gave us an area to continue to share our knowledge and experience with our visitors about yachts and life in the marine industry. The hope is to provide members of the industry and individuals interesting in yachting a portal in which to find information on all aspects of the superyacht industry. As the section expands we hope to include information for individuals and crew interested in finding work in the industry, as well as information on where to job hunt, CV writing, interviewing and contract negotiating. We also how to provide clean career pathways for crew with information on both courses and experience required to achieve their ambition in the industry. The section also provides information to businesses on the importance of online marketing and finding new customers for their businesses.

The website brings together the last online products and search tools requested by members of the industry tailored to suit needs of crews and businesses.   We hope to continue to develop the website to bring new search tools as well as the latest changers and information on the marine industry.

Please read the pages dedicated to Our Services or How It Works to see how the website is helping all members of the marine industry. If you would like to become part of the MarineDex support team or have any suggestion to contribute to the system will be happy hear from you.